Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Cambrian Granite will fully warranty your granite/quartz against any chips or scratches that occurred during or prior to installation for a period of two weeks from the time of installation. Please inspect your countertops after installation and contact us immediately with any issues.

Furthermore, Cambrian Granite will warranty your countertops for any installation defect for a period of one year from installation date.

  • Warranty does not cover damage caused by chemicals, abuse, natural stone characteristics, act of nature or relocation of countertop.

  • Warranty does not cover damage from standing or sitting on countertops. It also does not include damage caused from settling of foundation and cabinets.

  • Natural stone's geological features are part of the stone's beauty. Granite can have natural pitting, fissures or dull spots. Lighting conditions where the countertop is installed can make these features either diminish or be enhanced. These natural stone characteristics are considered part of the beauty of the stone. Pitting is part of the crystalline structure where small spaces appear between mineral crystals. When the stone is polished tiny crystals loosen and cause pits. These areas do not worsen with use or over time. Fissures are hairline cracks on the surface caused by temperature changes during the stones formation. They do not permeate the slab and will not expand or grow over the life of the countertop. Granite is composed of a mix of quartz, feldspar and other minerals. When components in the granite do not accept the same polish in a same manner as the rest of the stone, dull spots result. These are natural characteristics of stone and are not covered by warranty.